After the economic crisis of 2008, many credit unions found themselves in an environment difficult to navigate- fewer members were seeking consumer loans (and record low interest rates!), soaring delinquency, hundreds of new regulations, and uncertainty of what the future held.

In such a difficult economic environment, the need for sound advice was through the roof, and reasonably priced help was in short supply. CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner, Greg Schmidt, and former NCUA examiner Barry Lynch decided, together, they could help credit unions navigate through the storm- and because of this, decided WAYPOINT would be the perfect name for their newly-founded company.

They soon discovered what they created was unique as Waypoint is the ONLY firm in our region that specializes in Credit Union specific services. The bottom-line is this: credit unions are all they do.

Since 2010, Waypoint has been a valuable guide to over 100 federally insured credit unions, and quickly became the area leader in credit union auditing, consulting, control testing, training, and compliance testing. Waypoint has grown their team of experts so that no matter what a credit union needs, Waypoint can help. The Waypoint Partners and Field Team have over 50 years of combined experience in the Credit Union industry.

Waypoint wants every credit union to succeed, and has ample resources to help your credit union serve your members and meet your mission.

(All attestation work, including opinion audits, is performed by the accounting firm of Greg R. Schmidt, CPA, and signed off on by senior partner Greg R. Schmidt.)