Waypoint is the industry leader in credit union auditing and consulting

“Even though I’ve only been at my credit union for a short time, I have already learned that Waypoint is an incredible asset to not just us, but the credit union industry as a whole.  I truly appreciate the partnership and your commitment to supporting the success of credit unions.”

CEO of $350MM Credit Union in Texas

“Waypoint has helped me clear up a lot of the issues that resulted from the departure of our former CEO. What has been most helpful about the process is that Waypoint didn’t just do the work, but showed me and helped me understand what was done and why. I’m really thankful for everything you have done to help us try to get back to normal- It has been a roller coaster, but you all have helped make it so much easier. I will never be able to thank everyone enough, not only for helping us but for all the knowledge and training that I have received. Waypoint has made such an impact on how confident I feel about what I’m doing.”

CEO of a $10MM Credit Union in Texas

Who is Waypoint Advisory Services?

Formed in 2011 by Barrett T. Lynch and Greg R. Schmidt, CPA, CFE, Waypoint Advisory Services is the industry leader in credit union auditing and consulting, currently serving over 100 federally insured credit unions throughout the U.S.

Our Services Include:

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